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by Michael @Mike-E-angelo DeMond 1/1/2022

Special Mentions / Partner Sites

Updated August 1st, 2023

The following sites are projects and businesses run by some of our members, or are organizations that support our efforts here at starbeam.one:


I attended Evolve 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, where I saw Jon Skeet for the first time. In his speech, he mentioned that we operate on the shoulders of giants on shoulders of other giants (all the way down). Turns out "shoulders of giants" is a common phrase, but it was the first time I heard it, and it has stuck with me since then.

None of my efforts here would be possible without those giants, and I would like to recognize their awe-inspiring provisions here.

  • Microsoft - as an organization in general, how impressively you have stayed together and have focused on what is truly important after all these years
  • .NET Group - Ditto as above. Thank you for keeping your technology relevant
  • Entity Framework - I have less SQL in my codebase than I do TypeScript/JavaScript. Thank you
  • ASP.NET Blazor Team - For implementing the genius pivot to WebSockets
  • Razor Tooling Team - For putting up with all my reports
  • Visual Studio - For creating the most awesome feedback reporting tool ever
  • JetBrains - For being an amazing technology company in your own right
  • ReSharper - Please, please, please focus on Razor tooling issues and performance 😁😇🙏
  • United States Army - A pension is unheard of these days, but my father's is exactly what has allowed any of this to transpire
  • The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program - without PUA I would be operating at a loss
  • State of Michigan - For providing the social services and Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) that I depended on while developing this product. Without these, I would have been put in an impossible financial hole


The primary design of this site is taken from The Phantom Template from HTML5 UP. Much respect and appreciation to this project for getting me underway in relatively short order. 🙏

NuGet Packages

A list of direct nuget packages that starbeam.one is dependent on, to give you the sense of what is required to build an application these days. This does not include the indirect dependencies (i.e. the dependencies of the listed dependencies here).

The DragonSpark Framework

This application is built on a personal framework that I have been building and maintaining in one form or another for over a decade now. It is open source and can be viewed here. I originally intended for it to be a framework that would ultimately be adopted by others, but I quickly learned that the effort involved with doing so is not my interest. So, it has been relegated as a code base that is "just there" that I can share with others (usually for bug reports) when needed. It is also useful for demonstrating approaches and other problem-solving interests. I would like to mention it here as it has been instrumental in building applications, and starbeam.one would not be what it is without it.



Thank Yous

  • My Nuclear Family - Your supportive environment is the foundation that allowed any of this to occur
  • Jon - For hearing me out
  • Jason C. - For your enduring support
  • Mike - For believing in me
  • Daevid - For being there
  • Peter - For putting up with all my chatter
  • Chris - Ditto
  • John - For helping me to find me
  • Justin - For putting me on the right path
  • Sarah - For keeping me together during this weird time
  • Jason L. - For keeping in touch. #GoBlue. 😉
  • Rocky - For being a role model
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